Module 2: Introduction to Inductive Bible Study Part 2

In this second module, the skills of inductive Bible study are further developed exploring two of the four Gospels.  As you will discover, both of these  books were written to predominantly Gentile audiences and with the previous module provide a foundation for study of the rest of the New Testament.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.

 The Gospel of Mark

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In this unit you are introduced to a new genre, Gospel, and how the inductive approach to Bible study can enrich your Gospel study.  You are introduced to the relationship between all three Synoptic Gospels, which will enhance your understanding of each of these Gospels.  You will explore the uniqueness of Mark’s Gospel and the emphasis he had for his first readers, the relevance of which, you will discover, is so pertinent for the Church today. 



LukeThe Gospel of Luke, one of the two books written by a Gentile, is a rich complement to the previous Gospel you have studied. You will discover how Luke relates his Gospel story to the unfolding purposes of God throughout history, and in so doing you will continue to develop your skills in understanding how to read and study such a Gospel.  You will identify those features that make this beautiful Gospel unique, and reflect on the current implications of these.