Module 16:  The 6th Century Prophets:  Calling Judah to Avoid Disaster

Despite the Northern nation of Israel being removed because of Idolatry, the southern nation of Judah continues to follow this path. Zephaniah warns of judgment while Habakkuk questions God's means. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, expresses God's broken heart over his people offering a chance of reprieve right up to the very end. Even amidst the despair of a ruined nation, Lamentations declares, God's steadfast love continues, as do all the prophets with their integral message of hope. The study of Kings is a prerequisite for this module.

2 U of N Extension Studies Credits.


hab zephaniahHabakkuk is the prophet who asks the hard questions.  These questions, you will discover, are asked by many in our contemporary world. 


Zephaniah, addressing a people who were running headlong into destruction, declares the "Day of the Lord".  But "The Day of the Lord" was not what they expected; not a day of hope but a day of judgment.  But in the midst of judgment, hope is close at hand.


jeremiahJeremiah is known as ‘the weeping prophet’, but as you will discover he is representing a broken hearted, yet longsuffering God. As the Southern Kingdom moves to total destruction, the message of this mighty but persecuted prophet falls on deaf ears. As you engage with this book, you will discover that you know more about the life of Jeremiah than any of the other prophets, and you will be moved and challenged by the encounter you have with him. Do not let your ears be deaf!


3D man lamentationsPerhaps the saddest book in the Bible, you will experience the broken heart of God over a destroyed nation.  Each of these five poems reflects this terrible destruction, yet recognizes the justice of God.  In the centre of it all is an amazing statement of hope….